Mistress Demonique

Mistress Demonique

Warning! If you are serious about serving me it will be expected that you read and absorb every word on this website!!

After 7 peaceful years of not advertising I am, for a limited time, accepting new submissives in my Downtown Detroit dungeon. I accepted new people for 10 years and found myself with a full stable of approximately 50 loyals. I simply had no time for more. In hindsight I might have announced such, rather than ignoring emails and eventually taking down my website. For those who were ignored from 2008 to present, don’t take it personally. I will also offer a limited amnesty to the handful who wandered off without notice durning that time, with the exception of blacklisted individuals of course.

My career as a full time dominatrix began in 1998 at the Rock and Roll dungeon in Milford, Mi. In 1999 I purchased the equipment and started my own place the Sadomausoleum in Pontiac. While I enjoyed that location very much I had many loyals from the southern and western suburbs who were driving hours to see me. When an opportunity arose in 2002 in Detroit I thought it wise to expand.

After 13 years without a single problem I can confidently say that my location is safe. I have a private entrance on a well lit quiet street with parking directly in front of my door, literally steps across a sidewalk. While the majority of my sessions are during the daytime, I have never once felt unsafe leaving late at night in my luxury car. Submissives who fear Detroit are my enemies. Do not contact me if you need more reassurance than I’ve given you here.

I prefer to train older submissives, over 30 ideally but 25 is my hard limit. If you look like you might be under 20 years of age, you will be asked for ID. Anyone under 25 will be promptly dismissed No Exceptions. I do not care if you have been previously trained or not. What matters is that you understand the basic premise of what it means to be submissive and are willing to do learn and accept my way of doing things. Failure to do so will result in dismissal. If a bottom topper is reasonable and presents themselves as fully respectful, they might be tolerated.

I am fascinated by what a fetish will bring a person to do. Perhaps you might beg and grovel to suck a toe. Maybe you’ll find yourself embarrassed in public for the privilege of me crossdressing you and treating you like a girlfriend. Or it could be the look of concern on your face when you realize that a body part or two will be sore for days. I grow and polish fetishes then I exploit them. I will not force anyone to do anything more serious than eating one’s own ejaculate. Forced bi-sexuality or toilet training will not happen. You will beg and convince me that you are ready.

After 17 years of full time experience, I believe I have trained for every fetish within the bounds of the law short of a few exceptions. After experiencing other fetishes I have decided to decline the following: Wrestling, Pony Riding, Adult Babies, Extreme Asphixiation, Menstrual Fluid, Hardcore Scat, Vomiting, “No Safeword” Sessions, Smelly or Dirty Feet.
If you are concerned that I may not be extreme enough without asphyxiation or scat, you’re best to move on. I will not make you loose consciousness or swallow. I do not view my training as a game, I’m not looking to conquer a challenge. My slaves beg and serve, and serve and beg, period.

See FAQ for more information.