Mistress Demonique

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do you take respectful clothing requests?
A: Maybe. If it's traditional domme wear like leather boots for example or latex, then Yes. If you’re asking me to wear athletic shoes or a Burka then No.

Q: Do you get naked in your sessions?
A : The number one dumbest question. As much as I love my body, I mostly love seeing it in skimpy shiny sexy clothes. My dungeon has mirrors on all four walls. Not for the slaves but for me to fuel my narcissism. Chances are, if you prove yourself to be a worthy loyal, I will at some point tease you with my perfect parts, but if you ask you were not worthy.

Q: Do you allow slaves to orgasm?
A: Second dumbest question. I do not what bottoms who want to suffer with pain or humiliation with no sexual connection to the events. I have yet to form a bond with that type and I am only interested in long term connections. In short if you ask you're not worthy.

Q: I'm worried about what's on the questionnaire. Can I fill it out in advance, online?
A: No. That's not how I operate. I'm old fashioned in that I like paper copies, I write notes in the margins and then file it alphabetically.

Q: I had a domme once who looked nothing like her photos. Are yours recent and accurate?
A: All the photos on the site are recent and not Photoshopped in the least. I have always told new submissives that if they are less than impressed with me or my dungeon they are welcome to leave before beginning the Q and A. So far not one person has found reason to leave.

Q: I don't have much money could I work to earn session time?
A: Probably Not. You have to clean 6-8 hours to earn an entire session and I don't need anything that time consuming. Specialty skills will be considered but you will pay full tribute for your first session where we will then discuss future arrangements.

Q: I have a single simple fetish that doesn't require hours do you do 30 minute half tribute sessions?
A: Probably Not. While I understand that it may only take 30 minutes to blister your ass with a cane for example a person must have extreme flexibility in scheduling and availability. If you can't be shifted from morning to afternoon or to the next day as a routine, you won't last long as a reduced tribute submissive. Same as the work slaves, you will pay full tribute for the first session.

Q: I served you years ago but had to stop. I'm afraid you'll dislike me for not being a loyal. Should I beg for forgiveness?
A: As I mentioned on the homepage I am offering amnesty, no questions asked, for this limited time until my stable is full again. Exceptions are a select few who have burned the bridge rather than merely wandering away from it, you know who you are!!

Q: Do you train couples?
A: Both people at the same time? Never. I insist on getting to know the submissive partly alone, one on one. If trust is not present within the pairing then I'm not the ideal domme. After a few individual sessions I would consider letting the other partner be present to watch at no additional charge. My “teaching” days are over, it's about my maximum enjoyment

Q: I am bi-curious and would love to have my first experience with a domme. Do you have your slaves play together?
A: Yes, of course, but there are many things you must understand. It is important that you are a loyal first. Flakes and dungeon sluts will not be given play dates. If I don't know you extremely well I cannot have you play with anyone with a clear conscience. Obviously if this is your primary motivation to serve me then I will not not feel the necessary appreciation and you will be dismissed.

Q: I live in another state and can only hope to serve you twice per year at best will you consider me?
A: Only if you exhibit 100% perfect behavior and are super fun. I like understanding my submissive's, building trust and making progress, all impossible twice a year. If you're going to be shy or needy or anything less than a riot to train then you probably won't get a second appointment.

Q: My fetish is a role-play with specific bondage and discipline can I tell you about it to see if you're interested?
A: As long as you've read my Will Not list and your requests are not among them or anything illegal(real animals children etc.) it will be fine. Now if I find your fetish to be so limited that it is barely fun for me, I may not offer you a second session, but my skills are superb and you will enjoy your first time and only with me even if I find it dull.

Q: Do you offer full day or overnight sessions?
A: Yes, but they are pricey. I do not count the hours that I'm asleep but aside from that it is near the standard rate per hour. First time sessions will not be extended but more information regarding extendeds will be given if you ask.

Mistress Demonique