Mistress Demonique

Mistress Demonique


Flowers die and chocolates make my 20 inch waist corset too snug, so buy something useful!

Candles. Any shape, size or color, can't go wrong here!

Thigh-high stockings. Victoria Secret, lace-top, black, size medium.

Vanilla Stoli. It's a premium Vodka, you moron, easy enough?

Champagne. Nothing less expensive than Moet White Star.

Shoes Unique shoes or 7.5 inch platform sandals, (NO MORE BOOTS!) Size 8

Creme de Corps by Kiehl's. The best skin moisturizer in the world, found in select Birmingham salons or Neiman Marcus. Call 1-800-KIEHLS-1 if you're clueless.

Batteries, size AA

Polaroid film, regular one-step 600

Gifts may be delivered in person at the time of the session or mailed to the following address: P.O. Box 4146 Southfield, MI 48037