Mistress Demonique

Mistress Demonique


In order to see me you must adhere to my requirements exactly, failure to do so will imply a lack of intellect or respect, neither will be tolerated. The first step is to email 100 words or less describing yourself briefly, age, marital status, city you live or work and a couple of sentences about your interests or experience. You will be judged on spelling and grammar as communication is important. I've not had much patience for those who poorly speak English as a second language, if that is apparent in your email you will not receive a response. *Take a few English classes and try again later.

If your email is adequate I will respond with my phone number and further instructions. I do not schedule first time sessions via email ever! I will hear your voice more than once before I see your face that is the hard policy. If you must block your number you will be forced to schedule your first session before or after one of my loyals.

Your first session will be much longer than subsequent sessions as you will fill out an extensive questionnaire and receive important information about future sessions. Some submissive train in 60 minute intervals some for 90 others for two hours or more and the tribute rate is as follows:
  60 minutes $200
  90 minutes $250
  2 hours $300 and so on
However, your first session will be two hours for $250 and we will spend approximately 30 minutes in conversation.

See FAQ for more information.